Rave Reviews

We'd like to share a few letters received from very satisfied
customers, all over the country. Here are a few comments:

Marge J Note

           I was just given a jar or your
        beef marinade & seasoning. Wow!!
           I felt that this was the best
        kept secret here in Las Vegas.  Not
        anymore!  We enjoy your product.  In
        fact, so much that I am writing for
        recipe ideas.
                    Marge J  - Las Vegas, NV

Robert L Note

            The butcher at Albertsons insisted
          on seasoning my New York steak while
          I was there.
            I went back later to buy a jar of
          your great product.  It was really
          great for me and my guests.  Thanks to
          you and thanks to the butcher.
            Please send your recipes.
                    Robert L - Eugene, OR

Susan W Note

          Hey Guys or Gals,
            Our butcher at Albetson's, let us taste
          your product on some Steak he cooked.  We
          love your Marinade!  It has a flavor all
          it's own!  Glad we tried your brand,
                      Susan W  - Portland, OR

Penny G Letter

          To Whom it may concern:
            Please send me a copy of the recipes that
          you offer on the bottles of Spade L Ranch
          Beef Marinade and Seasoning.
            We have had such wonderful comments when we
          have guests and use your marinade to enhance
          our meat.  Everyone enjoys and loves the meals.
            I sent the product to my mom in Oklahoma and
          she really enjoys it also. In fact, she is being
          "forced" to share the product with numerous
          other relatives who love it as much as we do.
          My mom never asks for anything and she has been
          requesting that I send her more of your product.
          Just wanted you to know how happy you have made
          our family meals and enriched the entertainment
          of friends and guests.
            I have enclosed a self-addressed enveloped for
          the recipes.  Thank you for your kindness.
                        Penny G - Sacramento, CA

Marlene G Letter

          Dear Sir or Madam:
            I am requesting a copy of the recipes that
          are offered on the bottles of Spade L Ranch
          Beef Marinade and Seasoning.
            Everyone who has tasted the food that I have
          prepared, mostly barbeques, using the marinade
          enjoys the flavor and wants to know what it is.
            My daughter from Sacraments, CA sends me quite
          a few bottles a year.  I now have to share them
          with two other daughters and a son who live
          in the area.
            I should have about 10 new bottles arriving any
          day now.  It would be nice to see what recipe
          ideas you offer.
            Enclosed is the self-addressed envelope for the
          recipes.  Thanks you in advance.
                          Marlene R - Gans, OK




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